How Does Oxydrolone Work?

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Oxydrolone is one of the most powerful and effective oral steroids for rapidly building raw muscle mass and improving strength. In comparison with testosterone, the anabolic and androgenic activity of this drug are at the level of 320% and 45%, respectively. The period of its activity in the body is 15 hours, the tests are found for up to two months. It is not susceptible to aromatization, but has an estrogenic effect in itself and is highly toxic to the liver.

Features of Oxydrolone

The main advantage of Oxydrolone and the main reason for its use is high efficiency. According to the athletes, in just two weeks you can increase 6-8 kg of muscle mass. And let the quality of the muscles is not the best, the result is impressive. Steroid greatly delays liquid in the organism, the result is not only a strong pullback after the termination of the cycle, but also “inflated”, unnatural appearance of the muscles. Is obtained a crude and requires a lot of work to clean up. And if you add to this a strong rollback (almost a third of the weight gained) and side effects, the feasibility of using such a drug looks doubtful, especially for those who care not only about their sports results and appearance, but also about health.

Oxydrolone is perfect for those who want to transform your body and build big muscles very quickly and ready for this at all. Due to fluid retention and increasing the amount of synovial fluid, it has a positive effect on the condition of the joints, increases their mobility and relieves pain felt during exercises with large weights. Also, the drug has a regenerating effect, during the cycle, the muscles are less injured and recover very quickly, which allows you to train without fatigue 6-7 times a week. Another positive quality of Oxydrolone is a noticeable rush of blood into the muscles and their pumping, which can literally be felt during training. As athletes say, such feelings are not delivered by any other steroid.

Fluid retention can be minimized by additionally using Proviron and Nolvadex. To improve the quality of muscle building and minimize losses during the cycle, you need to follow a diet, limiting the amount of carbohydrates consumed and paying attention to the caloric content of the diet. To consolidate and preserve the results at the end of the cycle, Oxydrolone is necessary for a few more weeks to take Testosterone or Sustanon in moderate dosages. Neglecting this need and abrupt discontinuation of Oxydrolone not only leads to a rapid loss of results, but even dangerous to health.

Oxydrolone Cycle

Take Oxydrolone in short cycles lasting up to 6 weeks. Optimal in the ratio of efficiency and harm to health dosage – 100 mg per day. Begin the cycle with 50 mg per day and gradually, within a few days, bring the dosage to the maximum defined for themselves, and at the end of the cycle as smoothly reduce it. For liver support cycle Supplement with hepatoprotectors, for example Carsil. After completion of the cycle, rehabilitation therapy is required, including for the restoration of the liver – one pack of Carsil or Essencial. Novice athletes should refrain from using Anavar, preferring steroids with a softer action.

Oxydrolone can be combined with other steroids, but very carefully. Because of the heavy load on the liver, other 17-alpha alkylated oral steroids should be avoided. To increase the mass, you can use combinations of Oxydrolone with Primobolan, Trenbolone or Boldenone, to obtain a better mass and relief – with Anavar.

Among experienced bodybuilders, such a cycle for weight is very popular: Oxydrolone (100 mg per day) + Sustanon (500 mg per week) + Parabolan (152-228 mg per week).

how does oxydrolone work

Side Effects of Oxydrolone

The most severe and dangerous side effect of Oxydrolone is high hepatotoxicity. In order to avoid abstract descriptions and comparisons, it should be said that this is the only steroid whose action causes suspicion of the development of liver cancer.

Strong accumulation of fluid in the body, as a result, swelling, hypertension, gynecomastia.

Slight inhibition of endogenous testosterone production. In most cases, the use of additional funds to restore the natural secretion of the hormone after the cycle is not required.

Women have a high risk of masculinization.

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